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What makes Sum Glasses greater than some glasses? That might be the question your asking yourself, when building a pair in our Our glasses are sunglasses that interchange, not like most brands out there.

Our interchangeable sunglasses are made to come apart, check out this new video that shows our glasses compared to others that have a very similar look, but can’t be used for multiple purposes in eyewear.

With our sunglass that interchange, there are over 145,000 different combinations so you’ll have plenty to choose from to match your outfits, to matching your Halloween costume! We wanted to make it easy for someone to get the most out of one pair without having multiple pairs lying around.


If you liked what you saw in the video, use code: FREESHIP for free shipping on your first pair of Sumglasses!

Sunglasses for Moms and Kids

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SumGlasses are making rounds as more and more people are looking to express themselves! wrote up a great article featuring SumGlasses!

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FabZlist.Com is a blog that shows off trends for Moms and Kids alike! These are the perfect sunglasses for Moms and kids, letting them have a fun outlet to get creative especially with children going back to school!

Now you can create the perfect pair of sunglasses with every back to school outfit. Here are a few different combinations FabZlist came up with:
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With over 145,000 different color combinations, there are options for everyone! Check out our where you can play and find your favorite combinatio!

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Custom Sunglass Giveaway!

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Sunglass Giveaway! Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your pair of Sumglasses! We’ve teamed up with The Brooklyn Mom to run a sunglass give away for a few custom pairs of Sunglasses!

All you need to do is enter on their blog here Sum Contest!

Custom Sunglasses Commercial!

We are super excited to release our Custom Sunglasses Commercial! Our Creative Director Eric Mann wrote and acted in it and we couldn’t be prouder! Our sunglasses are the feature but we wanted to make sure we could tell a funny little story using them to tell it!

Our Custom Sunglasses are the perfect gift for anyone that likes to switch up there look whenever they want!

We would like to say thank you to Brynn Mosello, for her great acting performance, as well as Mike Castro for his great Directing Job!

We hope you enjoy and you can build your own as Sum Company. Or you can click here to build a pair of custom sunglasses!


Sum Manual Review!

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We’re back in The Manual with another great write up about SUM Interchangeable Sunglasses! If you didn’t know, Sum was chosen to be apart of the Manual’s Memorial Day Must haves. We’re back now, with a full write up this time that really explain the brand and what we are all about!

Get Sum!

The Good Morning America Experience pitching our interchangeable sunglasses

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A year ago this was only a dream. We couldn’t imagine that a year after we had an idea for SUM interchangeable sunglasses, that we would have an opportunity to not only be on Good Morning America, but also have the chance to pitch our glasses to Shark Tank’s very own Kevin O’Leary.

I remember in the early days of Sum Company, I would dream about what it would be like to stand in front of one of the sharks and have an opportunity to pitch to them. Well, on May 8th I got to taste a sliver of that dream when I pitched SUM glasses on National TV to over 5 Million people.

The morning of, GMA sent a car to pick me up around 5 in the morning. I was up, thanks to my 20 alarms set and paranoia of sleeping through them.

Once I got to the studios, I was brought to the Green Room where Darren and Lisa we’re already waiting. With a lot of adrenaline running through me, I worked on my pitch.

The segment was moved outdoors which was great because it was an absolutely beautiful morning(especially for Sum Glasses!)

This was my first opportunity to run through the pitch. After one run through, I felt I had my pitch down. It really had dawned on me just how big of a spotlight would be on me on LIVE tv. We went back upstairs for a bit where I could practice, before heading downstairs for the BIG moment.


When the producer told me to walk out, I kind of entered a zone. I practiced my pitch and I felt comfortable and confident that I could make Kevin O’Leary impressed in 25(they cut it down) seconds.

Once the producer told me to walk out, it was show time. I looked Kevin straight in the face(behind my mirror lenses) and I gave him one of the quickest pitches and interchanged my glasses.

A minute later, both myself and my competition stood in front of Kevin as he gave his reasoning behind which item he liked more.

At first, I thought he was about to say the other guy because too many sunglass players in the industry, but to my surprise, he chose me!

He really liked the glasses and we won the “Shark Tank Your Life” segment! Once it was over, everyone was congratulating me. My phone was off the rails and my adrenaline was pumping 1000 miles an hour.

It was one of the best experiences of my life.






Sum Glasses the Pick of the Summer!

Sum Glasses are the chosen ones this Summer! The Manual, a men’s fashion survival guide says, “these sunglasses are our pick of the Summer!” We we’re also added apart of their essentials for Memorial Day Weekend.

We’re not gonna lie, this is BIG! Check out our interchange system and what has people talking about us!

To celebrate use the code MEMORIALDAY for Free Shipping and get SUM!!



You can build your own in our Custom Builder!



Dan Mulqueen the King


Dan has always been drawn to music. We asked him what music meant to him and this was his response:


“Music means the world to me. It’s been at the forefront of my life since I was 8 years old and I have not had a bad thing to say about it. Music has been there for me when nothing else has and it has served as a stepping stone for me in almost, if not every, new chapter of my life. It’s served as a great teacher to me on many levels starting from when I was just a kid and continuing now to when I’m in my adult years. Music means everything to me and I can’t see myself doing anything in world without it.”

We all have a story.

Whenever I tell my story to people, they can’t believe a young guy out of college started a company. I’m here to tell you that in this day and age, anyone can create anything! I know you have heard it before but I think it’s important to repeat!

Each of us wants to be the hero in our own story of life.

Once I graduated from school, no one wanted to hire me. Everywhere I applied to work, I was told I didn’t have enough experience for a job that was entry level. I felt like I was in a game that I just couldn’t win. That’s when I decided to go ahead and follow one of my own ideas through. Now a days, if you have a computer and an idea, you can build it into anything that you want. I am living proof!

This is my story for the beginning of Sum Company, what will be your story?

Welcome to Sum Blog

Welcome to Sum Blog! Here at Sum Company, we want to highlight other individuals who are going out and doing what they love! We believe that it’s important for people to have an outlet to express themselves and that is the importance of this blog.


If you or anyone you know, would like to submit Sum-thing to be posted, just go ahead and email! We would love to highlight your skills and show people how amazing you are!

As more and more people share, the bigger the Sum becomes.

Always remember, the whole is greater than the Sum of its parts!

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