We all have a story.

Whenever I tell my story to people, they can’t believe a young guy out of college started a company. I’m here to tell you that in this day and age, anyone can create anything! I know you have heard it before but I think it’s important to repeat!

Each of us wants to be the hero in our own story of life.

Once I graduated from school, no one wanted to hire me. Everywhere I applied to work, I was told I didn’t have enough experience for a job that was entry level. I felt like I was in a game that I just couldn’t win. That’s when I decided to go ahead and follow one of my own ideas through. Now a days, if you have a computer and an idea, you can build it into anything that you want. I am living proof!

This is my story for the beginning of Sum Company, what will be your story?

Welcome to Sum Blog

Welcome to Sum Blog! Here at Sum Company, we want to highlight other individuals who are going out and doing what they love! We believe that it’s important for people to have an outlet to express themselves and that is the importance of this blog.


If you or anyone you know, would like to submit Sum-thing to be posted, just go ahead and email Eric@sumcompany.com! We would love to highlight your skills and show people how amazing you are!

As more and more people share, the bigger the Sum becomes.

Always remember, the whole is greater than the Sum of its parts!

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